,,Gdańsk Suburbia” 1995-2004

Gdansk has always been a very unique city. It is one of the largest harbors on the Baltic coast and there were always many conflicts concerning to which territory it should belong or who should rule it. Gdansk also played a significant role in world history. It is the place where the Solidarity movement originated and where workers of the Gdańsk shipyard, among them the icon of the revolution in 1980 – Lech Walesa – the shipyard electrician.
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,,Post-Industrial Silesia” 2001-2006

Many Polish photographers after World War II have attempted to wrestle with one of the most difficult themes in Polish reality, which is Silesia. How to depict its synthetic vision and first of all its people and their problems, and also degraded environment and architecture?
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,,The Middle East” 1999-2009

Back in the early nineties I came across a lot of famous books on archeology, history and oriental culture and that is when the Middle East region became my passion.  In 1998, when I was at the college, my grandfather took me on a holiday trip to North Africa.  Since then I continued to travel across the Islamic countries as an archeologist and a photographer.  Most of the photographs were taken during my archeological missions…
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,,Ras al Madrakah” 2008-2010

This is a story about a small village situated on the south coast of the Sultanate of Oman, a place many refer to as ‘the end of the world’. This village is named Ras Madrakah. It was back in 2007 when I first visited it with my dear friend – Norbert.  The village looked like a settlement one may expect to find in any science fiction movie…
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,,Indian Workers” 2009

I met the Indian workers pictured in my photographs in construction areas all over Muscat, Oman which is developing at a very high pace. Local companies here, constructing new building facilities in the city employ a lot of workers of Indian and Asian origins – mostly simple but hard working people…
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A man i had met in the restaurant during ramadan in Al Hamriyah.

,,Team Chittagong” 2010-2013

Since 2010, I have visited some of the poorest districts, where residents come mainly from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Al Hamriyah, Al Sanayah or Industrial part of Wadi Al Kabir district, are the places I have ventured into many times with my camera. A series of „Team Chittagong” is the story of the poorest workers from Bangladesh and working for the lowest rates… More >

Ramlat Fasad. Dune study #3

,,The Empty Quarter, expeditions into nothingness” 2014

We all have places like this in our lives, the places that leave a lasting, almost permanent impression. Very often it is difficult to define what exactly it is that appeals to us. Yet we find ourselves returning time and again. For me here in Oman, it was The Empty Quarter (Ar Rub Al Khali).
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Decaying dolls in nursery “Little Bear” in town Pripyat

,,Chernobyl, thirty years after catastrophe” 2015

Thirty years after its fourth reactor exploded on 26 April 1986, an exclusion zone is still in place around the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine. A fire raged at the plant for 10 days after the meltdown at the reactor, which sent huge amounts of radioactive material into the area which moved across large parts of Europe.
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Mirbat, 2014 #030

,,Eroding Traditions, Eroding Presence” 2013-2015

The photographs of Oman which Jerzy Wierzbicki took over the recent years do share traits with his previous work and yet remain distinct. In such series as Gdańsk Suburbia (1995-2004) or Post-Indutsrial Silesia (2001-2006) his camera captured locations which suffered the adverse impact of economic downturn.
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Women inside the temple in Lalish. Iraqi Kurdistan 2017

,,Ancient Yazidi spiritual site in Lalish” 2017

The historic centre of the Yazidi community is located 50km north of Mosul but feels a million miles away from the war and violence. Young people take pictures of themselves on their phones while others sit around enjoying a picnic. This happy and peaceful scene on a summer day takes place in the spiritual heartland of northern Iraq’s Yazidi community in mountainous Lalish.
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Portrait of the man from limestone factory in Khor Shambat. Omdurman 2018

,,Sudan” 2018

Ordinary Sudanese are struggling to make ends meet in an economic climate plagued with inflation and a weak currency. OMDURMAN, Sudan – There’s a bustle of normality around the main bazaar in Khartoum’s Omdurman district, with rickshaws and cars tooting at each other on its busy streets.
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